About us

Our company is an end-to-end, customer oriented alternative energy company that is centered on the marketing, trading, transportation, and distribution of solar panels in the US and around the world...

Firstly, we’re an environmentally friendly renewable energy company offering a broad portfolio of technologies, products, & solutions to our clients globally!

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We're the #1solar energy & wind turbines provider in the States!

We combine the power of the systems and technologies designed by our team of scientists and engineers.

All the while using the most advanced technologies available, so that we can deliver more stable and efficient energy projects. Our global platform is our strength!

Some facts about
S3 Electrical Solutions

44,000 MW
generated monthly

Switch your energy needs to efficient solar technologies!

Our solar panels allow an advanced energy monitoring with the usage of MySolar mobile and tablet app. This means you can effectively track your home's production from anywhere in the world!

GreenTech's mounting system technology blend solar panels right into your roof to make the aesthetics perfect. You may not believe it, but the whole installation process goes down in just a few hours...

Pair your solar power system with the battery backup and protect your home from unpredictable blackouts!