Rebates and tax incentives

Besides the government subsidized feed-in tariffs, there’s also a system of government backed rebates, concessions and incentives, that make the overall tally for your bills much less!

This annual rebate saves eligible candidates an average of $400 for both the electricity and natural gas. That estimate is calculated on a daily basis, with rates depending on the season. Rebates are applicable for your principal place of residence only and the account must be in the cardholder’s name.

The Utility Concession provides an extra $88.25 rebate in 2015-16 to eligible concession cardholders, to help optimize the cost of living. The rebate is then being added to the existing Energy Concession to cancel out the rise in basic utility costs, like water bills. The combined Energy/Utility rebate for 2015-16 is $500, which will be applied to each electricity bill. Right now, the daily summer rate for the combined Energy/Utility rebate is approximately 55.061 cents per day from 1 November to 31 May. The winter’s seasonal rate stands at an approximately 202.438 cents per day from 1 June to 31 October.